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Feb. 28th, 2007



A sorority squall and what could have been done better about the whole thing.

I linked to a New York Times Article from 25 February 2007 about the Delta Zeta sorority’s national chapter recommending twenty-three women of the Depauw chapter for alumnus status sooner than they expected, apparently after the Depauw chapter was described as “socially awkward” in a survey conducted during a class at DePauw. Not too soon afterward, 2dlife struck up a conversation about what was and wasn’t said in that article, and what could have been done to achieve the goals that the sorority wanted, more than likely without creating such a flap over their choices.

The text of the conversation is behind a cut, as alwaysCollapse )

2dlife: Next time: what they MEANT when they said “A world without America”.

silveradept: Ooh, that will be fun. Looking forward to it. And to any comments we can get on this post.

Feb. 5th, 2007



On public education and college.

silveradept and I each made an LJ post responding to the same opinion piece on the presence of students and they've been reproduced below the cutCollapse )

Do you guys like this format or the dialogue format? Tell us!

Jan. 21st, 2007



Conscious, Unconscious, and Deliberate Media Biases

It’s good to see people putting the community on watch - what would be even better is if you were to comment. Neither 2dlife nor silveradept are omnipotent - what we see and what you see are not necessarily going to be eye to eye. If there are angles we haven’t considered, we want to hear about them. If there’s data that’s since been proven wrong, or new concepts that have been introduced, we want to hear about them. There’s a lot of fruitful discussion that takes place in comments on blogs - they sometimes inspire whole posts by themselves.

So, don’t be afraid to pipe in. We won’t tell you to pipe down.

This session covers How reporters for the media use their own biases to choose what becomes news, how the requirements of newsmedia presentation require bigger degrees of those biases, whether one can truly accuse the mainstream press of having a liberal or conservative bias, and the role of bloggers in the changing media landscape.

We place the conversation behind a cut because we careCollapse )

Jan. 14th, 2007



The last of our saved posts

Everything from here on out is all new stuff, but please, read the previous two posts and tell us what you think, we're enjoying this and we hope you are, too.

This session, we covered Baby Ashley and the ethics of surgically limiting her growth as well as the medical ethical questions behind doing procedures on the mentally handicapped and children. As always, the actual content is behind a cutCollapse )


And we steam on.

Please leave comments as you see fit. We want this to be a discussion between you and us where we can explore topics in greater detail. Often the best dialogues are in the comments sections of blogs anyhow.

This session, we're covering Stem cell printers, how the technology works, what it can do and also the athletic status of people who find themselves outside the traditional sex or gender boxes. Read more!Collapse )


Let's launch this thing

We have a few dialogues saved up and we're going to launch with those first. And then Silver and I will sit down and write up a proper introduction and some background to help new readers. Please remember this is really preliminary and we'll get better as time progresses.

Anyhow, on with the show. The first session covered Nintendo Wii, breaking straps, new technologies and possibly the future of video games Read more!Collapse )